fredag 18. august 2017

Funny, that.

I require someone, anyone, actually - to be awake in order to tell said being that I love you. Because I'm selfish, and somebody, anybody, probably deserves to hear it.

torsdag 17. august 2017

tirsdag 15. august 2017

How was your day?

I woke up at two o’clock, or 14:00, if that makes more sense, after going to bed around five in the morning. Then I took a shower, checked my communication devices for updates, got dressed and went to work.

Had less than four hours at work, bought a pizza that I heated for dinner on the way home, then spent the rest of the day/evening online in RP, and watched two-three episodes of DS9 before heading to bed around two hours past midnight.

How was your day?

mandag 14. august 2017

Droid penis = vibrator.

Better not think too much about that.

I read some powerful words tonight. The person in question, perhaps because of the position, makes them even more powerful. Taken out of context, they appear beautiful and lovely. Unfortunately, they are not.

“I don't want any pity, I just want to be cuddled and loved.”

Powerful words.

Words hiding darkness and pain. Suffering. Sweet sickness.

My own thoughts on the matter, as my own history has taught me, makes my position differently. Although, I can reflect, with great regret, on the respite it brings.

I don't want any pity, I just want to be cuddled and loved.

Pity, much as loyalty, is a fickle thing.

Do you remain loyal to a person, or to an organization? What happens when the person in change no longer follows the same creed as the organization once did? Do you come for Womble and stay for Cyanide?

The inability to help, to cause betterment, but instead plan the wrongdoings that ultimately go far different than you expect is very much like brainstorming the idea of a book tuning video game with a friend of yours. What am I saying; of course, they’re nothing alike.

A Life is Strange inspired game with the Christian seven deadly sins in bodily form, a complex character creation and multiple twists and turns along the way to discover what is actually going on.

They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is…

I don't want any pity, I just want to be cuddled and loved.

fredag 11. august 2017

Starlight x 2

So, I’ve just spent 2500 on a jacket that I thought cost 250. Not that I couldn’t afford it – and it was a very nice jacket – it’s just a bit consumerist of me. The entire day has been like that, to be honest. Well, since I woke up again, that is, and met whom I shall call Miss Wolff in the Friends and Castle universe. Before that I had snot and tears running at 05:30 local time for no apparent reason.

I’d say today was a treat in many ways.

Ice coffee in the summer is enjoyable.

Three brave people came to the iceberg: the engineer, the monster slayer, the healer. They came here ready to disarm explosives, to fight monsters, to tend to the wounded.

There’s a vote coming up in a month’s time, too. While I hold no political career at present, it is enough for me to stay true to my ideals and go green. But not Soylent.

Remember, dear reader, that I love you, and that love is strong in this world.

torsdag 10. august 2017

Being Starfleet.

Being a member of Starfleet is never easy. Upholding the conduct, following the rules, being the best possible being and/or version of yourself at any given time? I don’t think I’m Starfleet material.

While trying, even with the best of intentions, can even have fatal consequences – and not just for yourself.
Writing something for someone else and you find yourself losing the smile, the joy in your eyes, and sighing with resigning resentment.

But you are strong. Even if you’re maybe not Starfleet, you’re strong. And that matters.

onsdag 9. august 2017

Subtle meaning.

It’s fine.
It really couldn’t possible get any worse, but no doubt it will.

That’s certainly one way of looking at it.
That’s certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

With all due respect:
You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

No, no: honestly, my fault.
It was exceedingly your fault and we both know it.

No harm done.

You have caused complete and utter chaos.

I’m sure it’ll be fine.
I fully expect the situation to deteriorate rapidly.

tirsdag 8. august 2017

I didn’t feel pretty in a dress yesterday.

Which is an entirely new sensation, and one I would, to be honest, prefer to be without. Though, this comes from the same person who wishes to be on the receiving end of an armed robbery – because then she’d know what it was feeling like and could relate to the experience.

Seeking help is admitting there’s a problem you can’t deal with on your own.

søndag 6. august 2017


(Everything is taken from the wikipedia page concerning this subject, but it's worth reading, none the less.)

Separate from polyamory as a philosophical basis for relationship, are the practical ways in which people who live polyamorously arrange their lives and handle certain issues, as compared to those of a generally more socially acceptable monogamous arrangement.
·         Fidelity and loyalty: Many polyamorists define fidelity not as sexual exclusivity, but as faithfulness to the promises and agreements made about a relationship. As a relational practice, polyamory sustains a vast variety of open relationship or multi-partner constellations, which can differ in definition and grades of intensity, closeness and commitment. For some, polyamory functions as an umbrella term for the multiple approaches of ‘responsible non-monogamy.’ A secret sexual relationship that violates those accords would be seen as a breach of fidelity. Polyamorists generally base definitions of commitment on considerations other than sexual exclusivity, e.g. "trust and honesty" or "growing old together".
·         Communication and negotiation: Because there is no "standard model" for polyamorous relationships, and reliance upon common expectations may not be realistic, polyamorists often advocate explicitly negotiating with all involved to establish the terms of their relationships, and often emphasize that this should be an ongoing process of honest communication and respect. Polyamorists will usually take a pragmatic approach to their relationships; many accept that sometimes they and their partners will make mistakes and fail to live up to these ideals, and that communication is important for repairing any breaches.
·         Trust, honesty, dignity, and respect: Most polyamorists emphasize respect, trust, and honesty for all partners. Ideally, a partner's partners are accepted as part of that person's life rather than merely tolerated, and usually a relationship that requires deception or a "don't ask don't tell" policy is seen as a less than ideal model.
·         Boundaries and agreements: Poly relationships often involve negotiating agreements, and establishing specific boundaries, or "ground rules"; such agreements vary widely and may change over time, but could include, for example: consultation about new relationships; devising schedules that work for everyone; limits on physical displays of affection in public or among mixed company; and budgeting the amount of money a partner can spend on additional partners.
·         Gender equality: Some polyamorists do not believe in different relationship "rules" based on gender (this is arguably in contrast to some forms of religious non-monogamy, which are often patriarchically based). Sometimes, couples first expanding an existing monogamous relationship into a polyamorous one, may adhere to gender-specific boundaries, such as when a wife agrees not to engage sexually with another male at her husband's request, but may be allowed to have romantic and sexual relationships with women. Such terms and boundaries are negotiable, and such asymmetric degrees of freedom among the partners (who need not be of different genders) are often due to individual differences and needs, and may be understood to be temporary within a negotiated time frame, until further opening up of the relationship becomes practicable or easier for the parties to handle emotionally.
·         Non-possessiveness: Many polyamorists view excessive restrictions on other deep relationships as less than desirable, as such restrictions can be used to replace trust with a framework of ownership and control. It is usually preferred or encouraged that a polyamorist strive to view their partners' other significant others (often referred to as OSOs) in terms of the gain to their partners' lives rather than a threat to their own (see compersion). Therefore, jealousy and possessiveness are generally viewed not so much as something to avoid or structure the relationships around, but as responses that should be explored, understood, and resolved within each individual, with compersion as a goal.

Effects upon domesticity
Benefits of a polyamorous relationship might include:
·         The ability of individuals to discuss issues with multiple partners, potentially mediating and thus stabilizing a relationship, and reducing polarization of viewpoints.
·         Emotional support and structure from other committed adults within the familial unit.
·         A wider range of adult experience, skills, resources, and perspective.
·         Support for companionate marriages, which can be satisfying even if no longer sexually vital, since romantic needs are met elsewhere. This acts to preserve existing relationships.
·         More emotional, intellectual and sexual needs met as part of the understanding that one person cannot be expected provide all. Conversely, polyamory offers release from the monogamist expectation that one person must meet all of an individual's needs (sex, emotional support, primary friendship, intellectual stimulation, companionship, social presentation).

Specific issues affecting relationships

The skills and attitudes needed to manage polyamorous relationships add challenges that are not often found in the traditional "dating-and-marriage" model of long-term relationships. Polyamory may require a more fluid and flexible approach to love relationship, and yet operate on a complex system of boundaries or rules. Additionally, participants in a polyamorous relationship may not have, nor expect their partners to have, preconceptions as to the duration of the relationship, in contrast to monogamous marriages where a lifelong union is generally the goal. However, polyamorous relationships can and do last many years.
Polyamorists cite the human tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness as major hurdles in polyamory, and also as personal limitations to overcome:
Posessiveness can be a major stumbling block, and often it prevents what could be a successful polyamourous relationship from forming. When people are viewed, even inadvertently, as posessions, they become a commodity, a valuable one at that. Just as most people are reluctant to let go of what little money that they have, people are also reluctant to "share" their beloved. After all, what if zie finds someone else who is more attractive/intelligent/well-liked/successful/etc.. than zie, and decides to abandon the relationship in favor of the new lover? These sorts of inferiority complexes must be resolved, completely, before a polyamourous relationship can be truly successful.


Compersion (or, in Britain, frubble) is an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy, and the term is regularly used by members of the polyamory community in the context of polyamorous relationships. It is used to describe when a person experiences positive feelings when a lover is enjoying another relationship.

Polyamorous views on jealousy and compersion

The concept of compersive behavior is commonly known within the so-called polyamorous community, and was originally coined by the Kerista Commune in San Francisco, who also coined polyfidelity to describe their relational ideal.
In romantic relationships, thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over the anticipated loss of a partner or of that partner's attention, affection, or time elicit both compersion and jealousy as natural reactions to perceived complexities of non-monogamy and are quite extensively covered in polyamorous literature.
Some polyamorous people state belief that jealousy will inherently occur in open romantic relationships. Compersion has often been referred to as "the opposite of jealousy".

Formal definitions of compersion

·         PolyOz — "the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship. Sometimes called the opposite or flip side of jealousy." They comment that compersion can coexist with jealous feelings.
·         The Polyamory society — "the feeling of taking joy in the joy that others you love share among themselves, especially taking joy in the knowledge that your beloveds are expressing their love for one another".
·         The InnKeeper — "A feeling of joy when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship. ... Compersion does not specifically refer to joy regarding the sexual activity of one's partner, but refers instead to joy at the relationship with another romantic or sexual partner. It's analogous to the joy parents feel when their children get married, or to the happiness felt between best friends when they find a partner."
·         From Opening Up, Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio writes that compersion is, in part, "the ability to turn jealousy's negative feelings into acceptance of, and vicarious enjoyment for, a lover's joy". (p. 175)

lørdag 5. august 2017

“Meh” is a very strange-looking number.

Have I ever mentioned that I love your portrayal of FemShep in Angma's example? I never liked the character BioWare came up with, but you're totally nailing it. She's strong, capable leader and a hottie at the same time. (dream emote)
Friend of mine, describing a character of mine.

Girls in plastic cages shouldn’t throw dolls around.

Selfish bitch.
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues

Well, it could be worse. Could be a swastika made out of dicks.
Don't know about anyone else but all this talk of swastikas made of dicks is getting me in the mood for some gay neo-nazi porn.
Xarl II would be all over that if he had eyes to watch it with. 

Difference and different approaches make for variety, not hierarchy.

Five men were guarding a tower. Twenty minutes later only one of them was left: three were now dead and the fourth had gone for waffles.

Don't walk around zombie malls with a copy of Playboy: it doesn't impress girls.

And the big limousine disappeared.

fredag 4. august 2017

Where words fail, music speaks.

Is the breaking of a heart set to a certain musical theme? Is the disharmony of tears a product of grief alone, or merely the cover of numbness?

How can a world crumble around you as you experience loss on such a profoundly deep and personal level?

And even if it is not, then you fear that it is, and you cannot think, cannot feel anything but the terror, the pain, the hopelessness of it - and you break down inside.

The most effective way of changing is to want to become someone else, usually someone better, in the eyes of another.

Change is scary. The unknown itself is scary.

Putting a song on repeat you didn't have a sense of familiarity with in a situation such as this before you find something else that is just as shutting down.

The ability to survive does not include living.

I don't hate you.

I don't want to hate you.

Please let me not.

Not hating you.

I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a computer, trying to explain her feelings to someone else, someone far, far away, and never near - never physical, but in the heart and mind, always present.

If you go, I want to follow.

I know I can't. I know I won't do any good. That I've already squandered many a chance to do something, anything, with my on life.

And the reflection doesn't make it better.

tirsdag 1. august 2017

Golden crescent.

Tonight there was one. I didn’t see it rise, didn’t see it set, but I beheld it before midnight. It was beautiful.

And just like that, the night has passed.

Morning brings many things and thoughts.

lørdag 29. juli 2017

I am the storm.

Having mentioned that I have two special someones in my life, I would like to talk a little about that. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you know where to read. Moving on.

Now, they share certain points in common, but for the sake of privacy will I not say more. However, they are their own unique individual self – despite their similarities. Their color of the hair is the same, and they share a very specific taste. A lot of the physical aspects are familiar, but not what I would normally consider “my” type. Turns out, this might actually be the case.

Of statue and mind, they hold to the higher level, one possible above my own. I am, by far, unintelligent, yet I would rather say that I squander my initial gifts – especially when considering society. I do, however, have plans – though many of my former plans have remained castles of air and nice ideas without following through.

Anyway, I set up a meeting; letting the two of my very special someones come together, wanting them share a few words. Nervous? A bit. Worried about the potential fallout and pitfalls? Not really at the time, no – both my special someones are quite acceptable, kind, gentle and understanding – again, on levels that surpass my own.

And it went well, I thought.

There’s a tree in the back yard across mine. I can see it from my window. It is a small tree, maybe three or four meters high, with a whole lot of a green treeish bush around a brown bark clad center of wood, looking all like a miniature Japanese construct – the ones you use a nail cutter to groom properly. It is a beautiful tree. Standing there tonight, under a grey-clouded sky, it makes me feel better. I can see it from my window. The tree stands on a field of grass. It is not my tree, because trees belong to themselves. Then the rain comes and I go outside to face the storm with a head held high, arms stretched towards the sky, and a silly smile on my face. Lightning bolts becomes my swords when I drew them from the sky. You’ll fear the roar of my thunder. Now run my gauntlet of slashing rain.

fredag 28. juli 2017

It starts with “why”.

What comes next is often up for discussion, as minds work in mysterious ways – and seldom in sync. Harmony? Coordination? How can you measure grief?

In the end, does it even matter? Because you have my trust.

Like a man exiting a tunnel, stepping into the morning light, to face the clear sky of green, the pestilence having ruined the landscape to unrecognizable forms – and he whispers:

And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time, and lost in space. And meaning.

torsdag 27. juli 2017

Sharing is believing.

A friend of mine wrote the following:

Okay so I had a nice (alcohol based) discussion with one of my best friends tonight. In that discussion I touched upon something they'd never considered before. So I thought I'd briefly outline it to the world and maybe it could spark some kind of discussion. This is only my feeling and I've no scientific backing for this.
To me, there are four types of attraction. They are platonic, romantic, aesthetic, and sexual.
There are many people that I find aesthetically attractive. These people are beautiful, I enjoy being in their presence just because they are so gosh darn pretty. They are extremely numerous.
There are people who I find platonically attractive. There are many of them too, I want to get to know them, I want them to know me. The people I keep company with all have some high level of platonic attractiveness to me.
There are people that I find romantically attractive. These are the people I want to feel that special closeness from. That I want to be close too. There are a few of them but not so many.
Sexual attraction is a fleeting idea for me, rarely felt but not non existent. Rare enough at least for me to not consider it highly when thinking about my relationships to other people.
To me, everyone has some level of these four attractions. But just because I find someone aesthetically attractive, and romantically attractive, does not mean I'll ever find them sexually attractive. I understand that it's easy to conflate those two things and come to the conclusion that it is in fact the third. But that's generally not the case.
Similarly, while I value platonic and romantic attraction highly, the value I place on relationships is not really weighted in favour of either. Romantic attraction for me is rarer so might seem more special, but I value my friends higher than anything. Which is why my girlfriend (for example) is such a fantastic friend first, romance is a secondary factor.
Sexual attraction seems to stand alone almost, when I put it like that. But that's not really the case. I don't think it's possible for me to be sexually attracted to anyone that I don't have a platonic or romantic attraction to. Aesthetic attraction seems to play a very minor role in this comparatively, but it's in there too.
These are just my thoughts about myself and about how I view the world. It's in my nature to analyse these things but I love to hear other people's opinions. So, does my theory hold any weight to you?

As I started pondering this, I arrived at the conclusion that I can relate to all four. Now, as I’m a far more sexual creature than what my dear friend have described. Sex is still sex, but that’s not the peak in anyone’s romantic relationship – despite what Mass Effect would have you believe.

Let me start in a random order, because keeping things strict and regulated becomes boring at times.

I currently have two people in my life that I’m romantically attracted to. Both of them are extraordinary persons, strong, courageous and inspiring. And I dare say that I love them both, in somewhat different ways. If you have no idea how that’s even possible, see my previous post about being poly. Or just click on THIS link. 

Now, aesthetically attraction… oh, dear. Mostly I just admire good-looking folks from afar and I’m too shy to go up and spark a conversation. Or it’s the lack of confidence. Either way, beauty is the subject of your own personal view, but there are of course the simple “wow, that person is gorgeous” and everybody can see it. The being with the cards mentioned in the Second Exalted March fits this description perfectly.

Sexual attraction is different. To me, it is simply “do I fancy having sex with this person”, and then either ticking off the yes/no box in my mind. Do keep in mind that sexual attention and attraction can grow over time, just as friendship – for example, someone says something that automatically makes to widen your eyes in eager delight and suddenly finding yourself wanting to discuss certain topics in a more intimate setting. Most of my relations can actually fit in this category.

Platonic attraction. Is this friendship? I think it is. That can actually make this the most powerful of all attractions. Platonic love is still love, and what is friendship, if not an expression of that love? This is where you place family and other dearest and nearest ones.

Of course, I may be entirely wrong in interpreting this.
((Also, I'm sharing this on Facebook, because credits are due where credits are due.))

onsdag 26. juli 2017

Expect the unexpected.

There are moments that take you completely by surprise. Twists, turns, curve balls, call it what you want. These moments happen and there’s not much we can do to brace ourselves for them.

What matters is that life goes on.

We carry on, scuttling about, trying to make the world a better place. Because we can. And because we must.

mandag 24. juli 2017

Now, let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?

Girls come in many variations, in case you didn't already knew that.

There’s a certain conversation that I’ve come to recall.

- You are like her in some ways. You have the same poise, the same air of nobility.
- Oh, I am hardly noble.
- I learned that nobility isn't just something you are born with. I have met nobles who were petty and mean—complete degenerates. Then there are people with a certain dignity and grace. It draws you to them, no matter who you are, or who they are. I think that the lowest peasant can have the most noble spirit and it will always shine through. It is this nobility of spirit that you share with her.
- Why... thank you. It is very kind of you to say that.

torsdag 20. juli 2017

When the radio you walk by plays Everybody Hurts.

And all you can think about is putting it on repeat.
So you do.
The attack begins at nightfall.
Do you?
Big decision.
So you wait it out.
Burn the witch, they said.
I don’t.
Only the piano breaks tears.
Silent running.
Winter wedding?
When the day is not your own.
Knife cutting cheese.
Hold on.
And smile.
You never know what battles are fought by those passing you by.
And so it comes to this.
Silence of the past.
Haunted doors and wardrobes.
Hurting rain.
Had enough?

Enough now.

mandag 17. juli 2017

RIP Romero.

Going to be a week filled with dread and zombies now, and not the kind of undead you want to invite into your home.


That reminds me - I need to update my survival kit. And find a new safe house.



INFP: Acting like your dark, brooding thoughts make you superior to other people because you’re deeper and more complex than they are.

Can’t really say I disagree with that, least not on a bad day. Prefer the other one, to be frank.
Mediator – Poetic, kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause.

I’ll add the link again, if you don’t know what I’m going on about.
And the link to the first statement, too.
Best leave it at that.

søndag 16. juli 2017

Woman in purple.

Colors are important. As a pale person, I prefer purple, black, green, stripes, earthly colors, and what I can feel good/sexy/fabulous in – not to mention what suits my mood.

With a somewhat pale complexion and hair of light brown – or dark dirty blond, if that means anything to you – with a touch of red in it (only visible under certain circumstances and lightning), I must of course take this into the account: as I expect most other people would do when selecting their clothing.

Have you considered scaling the watchtower?

No bite marks on the neck, no robe of swirling at the back, no sharp teeth of white in the moonlight. Tonight, poetic blood sings alone.

søndag 2. juli 2017


Second exalted march done and over.

Sunburn report: face only (feels like it, not showing).
Muscle soreness: behind the knees and a little down the legs from there (mild), not arms (surprising), shoulders worst (unexpected).
Random pleasant encounters: four (a nice reporter for breakfast company, a lovely inspirational being in a fantastic outfit before the parade, a potential new friend sharing water and food with after as well as an dear old friend walking by without noticing that I had go after just to hug).

Saturday morning: shower, preparation.
Saturday breakfast: last year's location.
Saturday's event: Pride Parade.
Saturday sleep: in order not to collapse.
Saturday evening: Skyfall.

Reminded me of English Operative. Missed him and the gang.

Sunday brings the dawn.

We still got a roa long road to walk go.

Plan for the next Pride: political, bring something for the breakfast, seriousness.

Small wins.

Might as well give an account of what happened.

I dressed in all black and with practical shoes, alas - no photos, sorry. Originally planning to do something similar as last year, I didn't -the second random encounter of the day took care of that. Instead, I marched with a small piece of paper of light purple, white and green with the following text:
       We're here 
     We're queer 
  Get used to it 
Had a lot of smiles and positive reactions from bystanders as I passed them by, so I hopped and skipped and jumped - when I wasn't being serious. Had to take a few breaks from carrying the thing up high above my head, too, so from time to time it was on chest level. Did carry it the entire march, though.

Pinned the thing up on a wall back home as a memento. In honor. Full colors. No, not just because of the Sense8 reference - the lovely creature of inspiration noticed, though - and that is why I was handed it specifically out of the five options. I sincerely hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.

It was a good march. A lonely experience as I spent most conscious thoughts (when not actively using my brain cells on some other task) of someone I wish was there with me.

The world of men will fall and burn. Not necessarily in that order.
The age of humanity is ending.
The time of us humans remains.
Are we our very own nemesis?

One day, my love. One day.

torsdag 22. juni 2017

Sharing this since a member of the community made me aware of the clip in question. Personally, I’m at 5/7 – one rather obvious, the other not so much. Care to guess?

Also, MaevarisTilani is a new favorite. Go figure, right? Powerful magic user,
Now, if you’re reading this and wondering why I’m silent on other forums, arenas and various forms of communication – the answer is simple: My own computer remains net less. Therefore, further sharing of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams in the shape of words and voice is not only improbable, but also impossible, for the time being. But hey, at least she’s got the look.

And we go na na na na na na na na.

onsdag 21. juni 2017

Permission to come aboard, Captain?

The shuttle was approaching the USS Pier. Having been spending quite some time getting upgraded – not all system were operational, despite her status as cleared – the list of minor tweaks must have been long as a year’s worth of bad reports.

The Commander couldn’t help but smile. A familiar sight, alt last. Home again.
Browsing through the crew list, she noticed certain changes. Junior-Lieutenant Knuma had applied for reassignment, while the ships’ chief medical officer, doctor Flebb, had left for other reasons. Chief of security, Mar’k’kek, was gone as well, and the cute Andorian, Fri’gda, had moved on shortly after her own departure. Then there was the owner of Amor. That caused more than a sting.

Upon stepping on the bridge for the very first time made a certain silence sweep across the room. The Commander looked around, keeping herself balanced and appearing at ease, despite the withdrawn and neutral face. Then the Captain rose.

-          Permission to come aboard, ma’am?
-          Permission granted. Welcome back, Nomi.

The Commander finally dared a smile and the Captain beamed right back at her. Crossing the distance, she opened her arms in a warm welcome. The embrace was longer than usual. Probably not up to Starfleet protocol, but – three years and a whole lot of long distance missions made up for it. Not like any of the officers would file a complaint. Instead, more than one acknowledged the Commander with pleasant smiles, nodding gently at her before carrying on with their tasks.
It took a few days to settle in and get to know some of the new additions a bit better, as well as reconnect with old friends. The Commander knew it was not really what you would call those you served alongside with. However, on the USS Pier rank and regulation played less a part than trust and genuine co-operation.

Though not all the changes where of the bad kind: Lieutenant Cami seemed to be up for promotion soon, and Lieutenant-Commander Tabakk remained just as active as before, even with his additional duties off-ship. Lieutenant-Commander Cezzelizze was due some shore leave – well earned, as usual – and her smile rivaled only that of Captain Jek. Commandant Ratve was absent due to her family, but Admiral Teima poked her head up an early morning and wished the Commander a happy return before heading back to what must have been an endlessness list of inspections.
Lieutenant-Commander Anc’sche, another former officer, had requested her old post back, and like the Commander been accepted. It only took a chance meeting during a course for the two of them set the tone, followed by a shared shift, and the Commander knew that the Lieutenant-Commander was going to be a friend on the same level as the rest of the bridge crew.

A similar story went for Lieutenant Vibast – also an old hand. While they had only met once while the Commander was on duty and the Lieutenant on furlough, they had never actually served together – circumstances had made them bypass each other. The Lieutenant was therefore an unknown to the Commander in an otherwise flawless familiar bridge crew.
Despite all the upgrades, the ship itself remained the same. So too, had the crew. The sensors and the engines, the weaponry and the interior – all new, shiny and up to proper Starfleet standard. Only the outside hull, the name and designation number remained of the USS Pier. However, the crew had asked to avoid reassignment, and had even aided in the work on getting her up to shape. The Commander had mixed feelings regarding that – she should have been a part of it, not only coming back as the ship was ready to head out to active duty once more. Still, she was back, and just in time for the next big adventure.

Commander Nomi had barely time to recall some of the science team, Rohordra and Hayhay, before they too offered their own unique “welcome home” bit, making her secretly vowing to do that department justice in her logs.