fredag 25. desember 2015

Enough. Enough now.

It’s come to my attention that all things should have an ending as they without a doubt always are presented with a beginning. Very well. Consider this my ending, at least for now. Oh, don’t be foolish, I’m not talking about THE ending, just… A ending. See? There’s a difference. Big one, too.
Now, I shan’t begin to explain how the world works because it’s perfectly capable to doing so without my say so, much as it always have and will continue to do once I’m out of the picture. Nor do I expect to be standing on ceremony. Oh, no, no, thank you, but no thank you. This is my show, I’m running it, I’m the one who’s allowed to say CUT, not anypony else. Much like a torn up newspaper from yesterday’s bin, all crumbled and filled with crumpets. Savvy?
An end, you say. Then I shall make it such an end that they’ll talk about it for years to come, worthy of recognition. Perhaps they’ll even sing songs about it. I highly doubt it, but I’ve been known to be surprised on just how the world really works from time to time. But, perhaps this is one of those times, hmm?
Overly dramatic? Yes, you’re quite right. It is, of course. Still, does have a nice feel to it, doesn’t it? The words, the composition… Even the heading.

Goodbye. I bid you all a very fond farewell.

torsdag 24. desember 2015

Tonight the night is silent.

Yes, it is.
And because of it I’ll not disturb the sound of silence.
My words will be few.
To the world, I wish the best.
To my dearest and nearest, the same.
In the future, I’ll be working at the holidays.
Providing joy and hope to those who’ll have to spend days like this in the hospital.
It’s a noble goal, I think.
I think.
Quiet complication.
Outside condition.

The rest is silence.

onsdag 23. desember 2015

The lights you place on a grave are not red.

The night is cold. The wind… the wind blows. Piercing stars gaze upon those who look at them from afar, only to remain diminished by the paleness of the moon. Yet the green, blue, black and silver bids me welcome. The stars, the moon, the wind, the trees... Tonight is a night to walk outside, to feel alive, to hold one's head high as the cloak flaps behind; unseen, but not unfelt or unheard. And as I throw the hood back with the help of the gentle breeze I stand there, watching, watching you stand next to me. You let the wind caress your hair, your skin, your soul. You shut your eyes to the wonders of the night, listening, listening to the music. The music of the night. Your smile is soft upon your features.

I close my eyes, too, wanting to embrace eternity. Now you’re but a memory, for your presence is masked to me. The wind, the cold, the light of the moon and stars playing on my eyelids and sends shivers down my body. I reach out with a hand and you’re not there. I open my eyes. You're not there. I wish you were. Here.

As I’m lying in the red I imagine you beside me. You’re looking at me. I’m looking at you. Silently we stay, naked for the lights. Laid bare, souls at peace and at rest. The moment goes on. Neither of us wants to end it.
Disturb it.
Break it.
Shatter it.
End it.

The moment goes on.

Your face seems soft in the candlelight.

The red and the black flicker on the walls. We’re together at last.

tirsdag 22. desember 2015

Speak simply, straight and with a smile.

Speak simply.
Sadly, I seldom speak in a manner easy to understand by others, both by words and intent. Yes, my words are not simple, but at the same time, I relish the lack of simplicity in them. Complex? Not necessarily. Needlessly and irking? Undoubtedly. I still do it.

As my lack for linear thinking and red thread I can’t say that my vocal capacity is living by this principle. Not going into the whole sexual aspect of the theme (because that would clearly send much left to be wanted), I’m merely saying that it’s harder than first thought and not something that’s always applauded in our time and society.

With a smile.
This I do too little. I try, but sometimes a smile can be a bad thing. Still, it’s the mental output of it that matters at times. My mind may smile even though my lips may not hint at it, even if this is hard and not something I can say I’m a master of. Likewise my lips, eyes, face and outward appearance can play the part of the smile while the inside, masked behind what I want others to see.

In the end, be yourself.

Ending this on an epic note.
Seems somehow fitting, too.

tirsdag 15. desember 2015

The game’s afoot.

Turns out that the twist – and I do mean that word in the terms of jurisdiction as well as high running emotions – is now looking to conclude and shelved away, thus presenting a long sought out settlement. Pray hope that I’m not mistaken in this matter.

If you do not know what I speak of (as such often is the case) I’m afraid I cannot say more as the whole legal point of view in this situation is but a few steps away from the courts, giving both parties cause for concern and pause. What I can reveal is that the entire proceedings have an air of poor handling, misinformation, and obvious lack of information as well as overall marked by non-objectivity. Having elected officials isn’t always a good thing, for what does one do when the majority of said officials are refusing fair play and don’t follow the standard protocol because it doesn’t help their version of the cause?

Let the hunt begin.
Not for justice, not for what’s right, but for fighting corruption.


Other than that, it’s time to return to the capital for various tasks. I’ll be staying at the odd traditional location that’s become something of a strange habit for me over the years. If you so wish to see me while I’m in town, please let me know – I’m not done making all the preparations, so it’s quite possible we’ll have the option of a little get together. All I’m asking is that you initiate contact.

lørdag 12. desember 2015

Sometimes you follow something. Then that something change.

Because nothing ever stays the same. Not even math.

Have you ever followed an ideal? An idea? Something otherwise abstract enough to become uncorrupted? It’s not going to last. Even if you are one of the few who can see it to the end, that’s just it: it’s YOUR end. Not the ideal, not the idea, but yours. It just means you’ll not be around to see the development of it any more. Harsh? That’s life. Honest? Brutal, but it’s no more a lie than life.

Picture a dark horse. Then have it run. It’s night time. The horse is galloping across a wide selections of fields, giving you pause, having you stare at the magnificent being, letting your guard down to admire and envy the creature. And then it’s all over? The horse isn’t to blame. The horse just ran. It’s you. You, a thing of limitations who stopped to gaze at something beyond beauty, have noticed something: Your time have run out. You’ll not be able to see the horse race to a finish line.
Because 'tis no line but the one you set yourself.

Each miss at your chance is a costly mistake.
Are you sure you can afford it?

Like a krogan crib, crippling and condescending, bringing you one step closer to what’s not important. Why? Let’s get one thing straight. If it’s a distraction, it’s not that important. You can lie as much to yourself as you’d like, it’s not going to change the fact. Andraste be merciful, you don’t know it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about at all.

Do you need some space? I can offer you just that.

Given enough time, any one may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any one may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both.
Lost love between two parties? Oh. What I’m exhibiting is more like a platonic symbiosis rather than the typical hormonally-induced courtship behavior. That doesn’t mean that I’ve disregarded feelings out of the equation. Because I, as well as my special somepony, are humid, prepossessing Homo sapiens with full-sized aortic pumps.