mandag 12. oktober 2015

The pink pony strikes again.

Actually, she didn’t. It was another one, completely unexpected, that stole my heart. Miss Pie wasn’t even present in the episode. Having felt I should talk to someone after watching it, it struck me how similar the sensation was to being able to finish the last book in the Harry Potter franchise and not wanting to discuss it out loud due to spoilers for those that hadn’t competed it just yet. Thing is, I never did do that. So I guess those two feelings are more shared than I first thought.

For the second time I’ve ended up showered in water – literally – because of someone not being able to figure out a modern setting on the shower controls. Might have to mention that this was late and at the end of my shift, so I was able to dry the uniform before my next one. And besides, it’s only water.

Play it again, Sam.

It’s not often the feeling of being virtually embraced actually feels like it’s a real hug. My special somepony excels at that. Could be that it’s just my own emotions and my interpretation of the written words that translates the intent behind into a physical sensation. Could be lots of reasons why. Doesn’t really matter. If I can feel teeth at my neck and a hug upon my torso, I’m grateful for it. Since there’s a big question about what’s real and what’s not… well, why not just enjoy it anyway.

Sometimes it’s not about what we do. Sometimes it’s about how we do it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter at all.